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Trenton Watch Co.
Reviving a classic in American Culture

Our task was to revive Trenton Watch Co as an extension to the Ingersoll brand. It’s been a long time since the Trenton watch Co existed, but its history is deeply rooted in American culture. The city of Trenton, New Jersey is famous for its manufacturing prowess in the early half of the 20th century, but now long since forgotten. 

Our solution is a modern take on archival designs with visual cues from 50s Americana. A romantic period, but also a time of change and struggle. The ‘Lost & Found’ shoot takes us on a journey through Trenton, New Jersey, the spiritual birthplace and inspiration of the brand. The iconic bridge within the city seems oddly accurate with its bold statement ‘Trenton Makes, The World Takes’. Has the world taken all it can from this city and if so, what (magic/beauty) is left to be found?

A New Kind Of Kick — Trenton Watch Co.
A New Kind Of Kick — Trenton Watch Co.
A New Kind Of Kick — Trenton Watch Co.
A New Kind Of Kick — Trenton Watch Co.
A New Kind Of Kick — Trenton Watch Co.
A New Kind Of Kick — Trenton Watch Co.
A New Kind Of Kick — Trenton Watch Co.
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