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We believe every brand needs a narrative. A direction. Something unique to stand for. This is the magic that makes a brand. We discover unique insights. Define strategies. Deliver powerful, simple and sophisticated design.

Our Studio

The True Original

We gave a traditional watch brand a new sense of direction and a new lease of life, as a result of re-examining their forgotten history, from this 'The True Original' was reborn. Our challenge was to put style and meaning back into a historic brand that had lost its foundations. To discover their magic and form the thread that would run through every touch point. 

Looking back into their archives we discovered a rich history of original watch designs. These were reimagined for the launch collection. 

All the campaigns have been shot using Tintype photography, a forgotten technique dating back to the 19th century. The laborious process of exposing photosensitive tin plates links back to the birth date of Ingersoll and our proposition 'A True Original'.

Horween Leather Co, Chicago IL, USA.

Behind The Scenes Ingersoll Tintype Photoshoot
Austin, TX, USA