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We believe every brand needs a narrative. A direction. Something unique to stand for. This is the magic that makes a brand. We discover unique insights. Define strategies. Deliver powerful, simple and sophisticated design.

Our Studio

For the latest Ingersoll campaign we took inspiration from another true original; Kodak. Both brands were founded in the 1880’s. In the same way Ingersoll made the wrist watch available to all, Kodak heralded the birth of snapshot photography. Not only this but Kodak was the foundation for decades of Hollywood film making.

As an homage to the glory days of film we recreate a fictional time in the Hollywood Hills. A couple relax in their modernist house. We show them in natural intimate moments enjoying their time away from the limelight.

Photography Daniel Benson
Video by Guy Stevens
Styling Lee Holden
Hair & Makeup Tahni Smith
Production Raw