We are a brand perception agency based in London. We believe every brand needs a narrative. A direction. Something unique to stand for. This is the magic that makes a brand. We discover unique insights. Define strategies. Deliver powerful, simple and sophisticated design.

Our Studio

Android Homme

Between Data And Detail

Breathing new life into LA brand Android Homme by reexamining their branding, narrative and visual identity. 

Inspired by the notion that perfection goes beyond imagination and that mathematics and data can drive design. An approach inspired by the use of the golden ratio and geographical coordinates in their identity.

Campaign shot by Daniel Benson, with a focus on movement and shift.

The design solution is minimal and stripped back, juxtaposed with imperfect details, creating contrast and identity.

androidhomme.co.uk — Online retail experience.

Photography Daniel Benson
Styling Andrew Davis
Grooming Jody Taylor
Casting Rebecca Knox