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Our Studio

Wild Daughter is James Jeanette, Jacob Shaw and Stuart Mckenzie. A London trio channelling romantic heroes and gender-ambiguous devils, navigating common themes including desire, mysticism, addiction, androgyny, the joy of sexuality and gender fuckery.

Wild Daughter — Mr. G / Brando Bomb EP
Editon of 300

Wild Daughter — Get Some
Video by Sarah Piantadosi

ICA x Wild Daughter

On Thursday 27th June '19, London band Wild Daughter conjured up an evening performance at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London. With support from Berlin’s Die Hässlichen Vögel and video installations from artists Aaron Sharif and Gerald Paul White. Sigils have been drawn, and this was their statement of intent.

Wild Daughter Newspaper supporting the ICA performance 'The Moon Sextiles the Sun'