A New Kind Of Kick

We believe every brand needs a narrative. A direction. Something unique to stand for. This is the magic that makes a brand. We discover unique insights. Define strategies. Deliver powerful, simple and sophisticated design.

Our Studio

A New Kind Of Kick builds brands with purpose. One compelling narrative drives us.
Invent. Re-invent. Never Sit Still.

We excel in giving a new lease of life to brands both old and new by giving them real meaning and real stories to tell. From full brand creation to event and spacial design. There are no boundaries. We go where the idea takes us.

Sorry, at this time we currently do not have any available positions.

Not you're cup of tea? Still interested in joining our team?
You can send a spontaneous application to jobs@anewkindofkick.com

Small Print

A New Kind Of Kick is actively committed to addressing the structural and cultural inequalities based on identity facing the creative industries (including class, race, gender, disability, religion, and sexual orientation). Applications are open to all.

We value and respect all differences (seen and unseen) in all people, and aspire to create inclusive working experiences and environments.